Work that Reconnects Truth Mandala - online experience

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Description : The Future Grandmothers is a network of women internationally exploring ways to experience deep life-sustaining connection online together around Mother Earth. Rooted in Joanna Macy's Work that Reconnects (, story-telling approaches and grief and empowerment rituals, we mutually inspire and strengthen each other in being the future grandmothers our planet is calling for.
We would love to re-launch the activities of the Future Grandmothers with you from Time to Breathe. In this offering, we want to focus on creating an online space that invites everyone to go deep within, sense the inner truth and express it in their own way. This collective process is to empower us to speak our truth more widely and inspire actions in its wake. Welcome to contact us for any comments, questions and inspirations!
We are looking forward to sharing deeply with you and inspiring each other for facing the times to come...
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