Truth and life
It takes two to tango
What control in relationships means to me
Being yourself in relationships
Men and clothes
This place in my life feels right
It's not really natural for either of us
A marriage of understanding, passion and pregnancy
Where these men come from...
How I discovered what I need
Are Men Necessary?

by cj on 2006 Aug 4 - 11:30 | reply to this comment
sexually frustrated
I really hate to break it to you but in most cases where a woman is refusing sex then a man is doing something wrong. It also sounds as if you're past the point of being compassionate enough to find out what you could do for her that would make her more receptive to having sex with you. Maybe CJ is right.

by Precious Baby on 2006 Aug 4 - 13:52 | reply to this comment
Precious Baby I don't think y
Precious Baby I don't think you can assume that someone's low sex drive is their partner's fault - some people may just have a very low sex drive. If it presents a problem in a marriage however then obviously it's worth both parties trying to find some kind of solution.

I had no beliefs about being a virgin when I married. In fact I thought it was sensible to establish whether my partner and I were sexually compatible before making the significant commitment of marriage.

by Lauren on 2006 Aug 5 - 00:02 | reply to this comment
I disagree
Precious Baby

I disagree with you. I have a dear friend who's wife punishes him with no sex. That is not right at all. It does not mean the man is doing something wrong. Sex drives are not equal. If this poor man is wishing she were dead then it's time to seek other methods. My friend has a special needs child and loves his children so he stays in the marriage and goes outside for relief. That might not be the answer but wishing death is a sign of a serious problem. Both are in need of expert help. Good luck!!!

Kathy G

by Kathy G on 2006 Aug 5 - 03:01 | reply to this comment
Lauren yes I understand that